Luck’s Other Brother: Anti-Luck

April 11, 2009 at 9:03 AM 2 comments

Firstly, I feel the need to explain that I consider myself an “optimistic pessimist”. In other words, I try to find some semblance of hope and beauty while looking at the world through my scat-colored glasses. Most often, I find the humor or “cheap entertainment” value in my life and those around me. I sometimes feel the need to correlate and some rather unusual theories can come form this…

I am developing a new theory. Its partly based on karma, partly on luck. I call it Anti-luck. Basically, it is luck so terrible that it has to be described as worse than the opposite of good luck. You can liken it to the anti-Christ of luck (aka Mine)…I scramble through life with generally bad luck on most levels, but seem to skate on others. That’s where the Karma comes in, right?

Take this last week, for instance. My luck was worse than ever. Sunday night, I went out to my van to go pick up a friend from her job. I realized the front passenger tire was flat as I rolled out into the street. So, I backed up into our driveway and as I did, the transmission blew up. I borrowed someone else’s car to go get her, leaving my paperweight of a van half in the street, half on the drive.

Monday morning, I sold it to a junk yard here in Omaha. Feeling that my luck might finally change, we went over to one of the casinos across the river from us and I proceeded to lose the money from the van. I got down to the last few bucks and hit a $200 winner. After 7 years of leaving there broke or just plain losing, I could finally leave with 62 dollars of their money! Looking throughout the casino and the parking lot, I soon found that my ride had left me. Its roughly an 11.5 mile walk home, but nobody would answer the phone, so I started my trek. (Yes, I’m a cheap bastard for not taking a cab…But then how could I play martyr then?) The forecast was for rain later in the evening, which quickly let loose on me as I rounded a corner heading for the walking bridge across the Missouri River. Just a 5 minute shower, no big deal. Soaked, yet still happy from finally winning, I walked on. While cutting through a construction zone in Omaha, I was turned around by a very bored cop. After being searched and harassed in the rain for a little while, he told me to go a block or two North and around the construction (SOSDD). Ten minutes later and maybe half a block after I crossed the freeway, 2 teenagers came out from between some houses and robbed me. “Wonderful,” I thought, “the first time I win in a long time and now I don’t even get to enjoy it.” The consolation prize here is that I found my wallet sinking into a puddle a block and a half later. Of course, the punch line to this beautiful tale of  happy misery is: The 4 bank cards they got from my wallet… I closed those accounts over the last 4 years, just never cleaned out my wallet. The cash can be replaced, even in today’s shitty economy.

Tuesday night, I began my foray into upgrading a friend’s laptop to xp. All was well until it rebooted during the copying files phase. When it came back up, it couldn’t see the cd drive. The bios would not even let me in to look, with or without the passwords. I went online to some forums, even the Winbook site itself… to no avail. Even after changing the drive out 3 times… Flashed the bios… wanted to punt it across the river. Check my tweet the other day about tall buildings. Long story short, I am now negotiating with the owner to replace it.

In general, I guess I qualify as a Loser. I just have one question to anybody out there… Why is it that when I’m doing something I shouldn’t be, my bizarre luck runs with me? Maybe its that dreaded Chaos thing… Who knows?

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  • 1. Bodyc  |  April 27, 2009 at 3:24 PM

    Hi, – da best. Keep it going!
    Have a nice day

    • 2. Kevin  |  April 28, 2009 at 4:53 AM

      Thank you….


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