Saturday Space… A Point in Time

April 13, 2009 at 6:58 AM Leave a comment

When the sun gathers speed in the dawn sky,

The illusion of flight passes us by.

As greener pastures catch our collective eye,

The illusion fades that we’ll never die.

Time can ne’er become enemy mine

While on this life, I, greedy am, I dine.

Pleasures sought, lost, gained, not in a line…

Fleeting, flailing, as vinegar from great wine.

Faith… Allusion to illusion? Lost am I?

Sights of God’s handiwork abundant lie.

Yet still the doubter, I, ask but why?

Deluded, stained, my heart and soul cry.

Someday, (never?) all will be fine.

Disillusioned, castrated spirit, I pine.

Seeker of It, lost, twisted like twine,

An unwasted future past I divine.

Tears of pain, tears of joy, all fly…

As on life we, reborn, catch It’s high.

The hole, dead inside, gasp at God’s sigh!

Feeling feelings unmasked, we try.

Anger, sorrow, happiness, love, more in line…

Emotions, not demotions, the human underspine.

Changes changing. All, none and everything Divine…

As above, so below… Just feed the line.

© Kevin Sievers 2001

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