Just a Quick Rant

June 2, 2009 at 4:32 PM 1 comment

Firstly, please forgive my language in this quick rant. Thanx.
Secondly, I use cocksucker as an insult in this rant. I am sorry if I offend anyone who does indeed suck cock whether for personal enjoyment or the benefit of others. I do not intend to insult any person in this category. This was not aimed at you. Besides, it can be a wonderful thing when done properly. My targets are all juvenile homohobic assholes. To them this is a major insult.

Thirdly, to those which this is pointed directly at (aiming for some empty skulls here) I will not ever apologize for anything I write here.  Thanx again for proving yourselves to be exactly what I thought you were when we met.

I have 6 different email addies. One just for business, another for doing surveys, 2 for personal contacts only, the others I use if I know (or even think) you will spam me. I have spam blockers set up on all but still check through that directory once in awhile.

So, why is it when you really piss off some chickenshit lame bitch-made cocksuckers, they feel the overwhelming urge to put your email addy in at every sick, stupid, bizarre or “medical” site they can find?

I’ll start with the so-called “medical” ones first… I started getting spams for penis growth pills right after I cut off some leeches that were constantly feeding on me… some through money, some through time, others by just draining my energy. I guess these obviously limp-dick amateur punk-bitches have decided that I need to “get bigger”, “get help getting it up”, and get help or info about various lesser sexual deficiencies. The way I see it, for you to find these sites and input my email addresses, etc you obviously must have been up there looking for info for your own inadequcies but were just too chicken shit to put your own info in. Or perhaps it all comes down to one simple thing? You guys (and I use this word loosely here) must not think I’m a big enough dick even after sending you all out the door. Oops! I mean I don’t have a big enough dick? No bragging or exaggeration from me but never had one complaint yet. In fact, I asked the last few if they had done this to me just to be sure.  A firm “No” from all.

I’ll go over the sick and bizarre together since they seem to run hand in er… well, whatever. These spams come from some of the sickest, most perverted sites the net has to offer. I don’t surf porn so I didn’t give them my info. It truly amazes me that you freaks have put me on the mailing lists of “animal lovers”, “young stuff” and gay/bisexual/trisexual/transexual/crossdresser sites and newsletters.  I don’t understand the reasoning (or logic, if any?) behind this move. Unless maybe its just that you total LOSERS were up on your favorite sites and thought of me (being the kind asshole I am known to be…) and felt the overwhelming compulsion to input my addies?  Well, gee thanks for the great reminder of just how fucking sick you low-life bastards really are. (No offense intended here to anyone born out of wedlock).

In the long and short of it, I guess I really should thank you lame freaks for finally showing your true colors. But also I feel I should also let you know that a couple of you have a rude awakening coming the next time you go over to your brother’s house to surf and check your email… We sat down and ran through the history. You really should learn more about xp.

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  • 1. Hong Earley  |  November 22, 2012 at 1:11 AM

    I really hate spam that is why i always use third party spam blockers from the internet. ;

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