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A Shadow

This poem won a contest on last year and was published in their anthology of new poets. This was the 6th time I was published. Hope you like it. Let me know…


A Shadow

As the moon gently floats cross the sky,
I catch the lilting twinkle of your eye.
A slight wink I cast across the room
A far off pass from my days of gloom.
You shrug me off and look away…
No lust, no love for me today.
I pushed you out to complete my change
Another lost love? or one never so strange?
I never knew where I stand or stood
We never really talked like two people should.
Promises made… kept, unkept… untold lies?
But you… I will never despise.
You thought you knew me but even I
Had no clue what lurked behind my eye.
I cannot, could not, get you to let loose
That sealed shut shell that gave me such blues.

Copyright ©2009  Kevin John Sievers

May 2, 2009 at 3:11 PM 2 comments

Saturday Space… A Point in Time

When the sun gathers speed in the dawn sky,

The illusion of flight passes us by.

As greener pastures catch our collective eye,

The illusion fades that we’ll never die.

Time can ne’er become enemy mine

While on this life, I, greedy am, I dine.

Pleasures sought, lost, gained, not in a line…

Fleeting, flailing, as vinegar from great wine.

Faith… Allusion to illusion? Lost am I?

Sights of God’s handiwork abundant lie.

Yet still the doubter, I, ask but why?

Deluded, stained, my heart and soul cry.

Someday, (never?) all will be fine.

Disillusioned, castrated spirit, I pine.

Seeker of It, lost, twisted like twine,

An unwasted future past I divine.

Tears of pain, tears of joy, all fly…

As on life we, reborn, catch It’s high.

The hole, dead inside, gasp at God’s sigh!

Feeling feelings unmasked, we try.

Anger, sorrow, happiness, love, more in line…

Emotions, not demotions, the human underspine.

Changes changing. All, none and everything Divine…

As above, so below… Just feed the line.

© Kevin Sievers 2001

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Scarlet Dreams Flow Easy

In the eyes of the pessimist:
Beauty is seen but missed,
Love is lost but not kissed,
Life takes a sick twist…
Tired dead eyes of the pessimist.

In the eyes of the optimist:
Life is a joyful tryst,
Love found is never missed,
Beauty is everywhere kissed…
Happy wired eyes of the optimist.

In the mind of this anarchist:
Beauty is the eternal twist,
Love and chaos often twist,
Life itself seems so missed…
Insane life of the anarchist.


In the heart of this anarchist:
Life needs twist after twist,
Love is felt, carressed and kissed,
Beauty in everything sometimes missed…
Tangled heart of this anarchist.

©  Kevin Sievers 2005

April 13, 2009 at 6:41 AM 4 comments

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